Champion pool service can diagnose a wide range of pool and spa issues and save you time and money in the process. We provide a written estimate and upfront pricing. If you are a customer on our route and decide to join our pre-authorized repair program we can save you the service call. And if you are a weekly customer on our Gold or Platinum Plan you receive an additional 10% off all repairs.

Pre-authorized repair program

As a customer in the pre-authorized repair program, you will save money and time. We won’t bother you with the minor repairs that are sometimes noticed during routine maintenance. Such problems like bad O-rings, seals, skimmer baskets, auto cleaner nets and other miscellaneous items need attention and should be repaired without delay. This will prevent further damage to your pump and/or filtration system. We will photograph and document repairs for you and will only make the ones that need to be done. Repair charges within the pre-authorized limit will be added to your monthly invoice. It will save you on down time and service call fees. On more major repairs you will be given a written estimate and we can address the problems as you see fit.


Champion Pool Service has a $65 service call charge to diagnose problems. If you are on our route and it can wait until your next scheduled visit, no charge will be assessed.

Written estimates will be billed per job with upfront pricing.
Labor is billed a $85 an hour.

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